• Sara Geerlings

90's Georgia Ranch

After graduating from college, my husband Austin & I set out on a new adventure down south when he accepted a position in Georgia. After renting for a couple months, we found a 90's brick ranch that needed a total facelift (it also happened to reek of moth balls...yikes), but we were ready for the challenge! This home was located in a great school district, a beautiful neighborhood, and had great bones. This was my second personal home but our first home together which made it that much more special! Since we were both beginning our first careers we didn't have loads of money to splurge on renovations - which kept us on a very strict budget. We gained invaluable knowledge about costs and design while renovating this house. After two years of living here, there wasn't a wall that went unpainted or floors that didn't get ripped up. We finished an entire basement and spent hours landscaping our large yard and let me tell you, everything in Georgia grows INSANELY fast so at times we never felt like we got anywhere. With all that being said however, we had the best time making this house a home & had a difficult time parting with it - let's be real I am still mourning this place! Here are a few before & after photos: